She’s back, baby! A teaser trailer for Paramount+’s Teen Wolf: The Movie was released at San Diego Comic-Con at today’s Teen Wolf panel. Show creator Jeff Davis and stars Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin were on hand to preview the return of everyone’s favorite wolf pack –including a long-dead Allison Argent (Crystal Reed).

The trailer is available in it’s entirety below:

While seeing all the action and everyone back together is exciting (Malia! Lydia!), it’s in the final moments of the trailer that reveals Allison has returned from the dead, though it’s unclear if she’ll be the hero we all knew or something entirely different, given this new supernatural menace threatening Beacon Hills.

In an interview with Variety, Davis spoke about the return of Crystal Reed as Allison Argent:

“I wanted to make sure I did the character justice. Having her back was amazing. I texted Crystal, ‘We don’t really have a story yet. I mostly have ideas but I always said if I was gonna do a movie, I would bring back Allison.’ She texted back and said that she burst into tears. She was in from that moment.”

Not gonna lie, I was a fan of the original show and watched it the whole way through, but Reed’s departure at the end of season three left a hole in the series that it never quite recovered from. She was a badass from start to finish, she was my favorite character, and I absolutely missed her presence on the show.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is slated to be released later this year.


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