is a unique hub of pop culture and social progress news, with an emphasis on female nerd culture. This website was started with the very simple idea of amplifying stories that women care about, which can range from a review of the latest female-fronted movie to the most recent development in the fight for LGBTQ+ equal rights.

Editor-in-Chief Shaun Stacy states why having is so important:

“As a lifelong nerd, I’ve always had an interest in sci-fi, superheroes, etc., but always found that most publications and websites are geared more toward the male gaze’s perspective. As I grew older, I became part of the LGBTQ+ community and am just as passionate about telling those stories as I am reviewing the latest MCU project. recognizes women from all walks of life and strives to tell their stories in a way that is as authentic as possible, while also highlighting projects in the media that are female-centric.”