Alison Blaire, aka Dazzler, was always the type of secondary member of the X-Men that got pushed aside, or not utilized to her full potential (even though having the ability to convert sound into various forms of light is pretty cool). Most fans are familiar with the character, thanks to her appearance in the popular Pryde of the X-Men pilot and arcade game, but probably don’t know much about her beyond that. Well, that’s all about to change as Alison moves front and center in a new YA novel from Marvel and Aconyte Books.

Titled Sound of Light and written by Amanda Bridgeman, the story centers around Dazzler being pulled back into her former life as an agent of SHIELD. After a rogue agent links the disappearance of both Magneto and Cyclops to a surge in Mutant Growth Hormone usage, Dazzler reluctantly accepts the case to find the missing mutants. However, she’s going to need some help, so she enlists the aid of badass teammates Emma Frost, Polaris, and Rachel Grey for an intergalactic mission to foil a plot to remove mutantkind forever.

Sound of Light is available for pre-order now, and is slated to be released November 1st, 2022.


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