Syfy is putting the “horror” in “horrifying” next year. Bring It On, the popular cheerleading franchise that began with the original hit movie in 2000 and includes 5 (!) sequels, is finding new life on the cable platform. However, this time it will be less of a comedy and more of a…slasher movie? Tentatively titled Bring It On: Halloween, the film will follow the story of an embattled cheerleading squad who, thanks to “restrictive rules,” finds themselves practicing for their regional competition in an abandoned school gym. As per the standard horror movie formula, members of the squad start to disappear, leaving the remaining cheerleaders to find out who is terrorizing their team. Isis would never.

While no casting announcements have been made as of yet, Kirsten Dunst, who was a lead character in the original film, has expressed interest in returning to the franchise. There has been a prominent theme of Final Girls returning to their horror movie roots, including Jamie Lee Curtis’ successful return to Halloween and Neve Campbell reprising her lead role in the upcoming Scream 5, so it would be interesting to see Dunst return as possibly a coach for this new team of neophyte cheerleaders. The film is written by Rebekah McKendry and Dana Schwartz and is set to drop sometime in 2022 (probably the month of October).

Bring It On was a smash hit in 2000 and remains a highly-quotable pop culture classic. It helped launch Dunst, Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku, and Jesse Bradford to superstardom, with the quartet remaining friends long after filming. They even reunited for the film’s 15th anniversary in 2015. The film launched a series of five direct-to-video sequels that never really quite captured the magic of the original, though the third entry, Bring It On: All Or Nothing, is largely touted as the best sequel.


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