**This article contains spoilers for seasons 1 and 2 of Netflix’s Warrior Nun.**

Season 2 of Netflix’s Warrior Nun was released on Nov. 10th and it’s already climbing the streaming channel’s charts both in the US and internationally. The sophomore season of the hit series, which released it’s first season during the height of the pandemic in 2020, delves even deeper into the mythology of the Warrior Nun mantle, the sisters of the Cruciform Sword, and, of course, Avatrice. Coming in at just eight episodes, two less from season one’s ten-episode count, there’s never a wasted moment among the action, romance, and drama we’ve come to expect from the series.

The season opens after a brief time-jump, with Ava (Alba Baptista) and Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) hiding out in the Swiss Alps. In flashbacks, we learn that Adriel (William Miller) survived the season one cliffhanger –unlike Mary (Toya Turner), RIP– and is gathering forces to take over the world once and for all. Throughout the season, we see Adriel and his followers, including traitors of the OCS, Father Vincent (Tristan Ulloa) and Lilith (Lorena Andrea) scheme to convince the masses that Adriel is the Second Coming.

Following a global attack, the fractured team of sister nuns, led by Mother Superion (Sylvia De Fanti) and Camila (Olivia Delcan) work to reunite with Ava and Beatrice in order to find a secret weapon to help stop Adriel. It’s through Mother Superion and Camila’s storyline that we’re able to see the true network of the Order of the Cruciform Sword at work. Along the way they cross paths with Sister Yasmine (Meena Rayann), a journalist working to expose Adriel as a fraud. With so few members of the nuns left, the themes of sisterhood are even stronger this time around.

There’s a lot to love about this season of Warrior Nun, with everything and everyone stepping up their game. The stakes a higher. The action is more intense –and definitely a lot gorier than season one, but in a good way. The writing and acting are top-caliber, especially for a fantasy Netflix show. The slow-burn romance between Ava and Beatrice is paid off in spades by the time the season comes to an end, leaving us longing for more of the brilliant pairing. Take that, CW.

Each cast member gets their time to shine in the abbreviated season, with Ava and Beatrice both gaining a tremendous amount of character growth throughout the season. Baptista –aka Mrs. Chris Evans to the press at this point, balances Ava’s recklessness with the searing responsibility of being the Warrior Nun with perfection, while Tonteri-Young lights up every scene, whether it’s kicking demon ass or being vulnerable with her best friend turned lover.

If Netflix knows that is good for them, they will lock in this talented cast for a third season as soon as possible.


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