While HBO Max’s Batgirl film is still in the early stages of production, a recent casting call indicates a major trans character from DC Comics will be appearing alongside Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon. A recent casting call from Warner Bros. states that they are currently looking for “a mid-to-late 20’s Asian American transgender woman” for a supporting role in the 2022 film.

Fans of the comics will immediately recognize this designation as the character of Alysia Yeoh, originally created by legendary comic book writer Gail Simone during volume #4 of Batgirl from 2011. Alysia is Barbara Gordon’s roommate and best friend who also happens to be a transgender woman. At the time of her comic book debut, she was noted for being the first major trans character written in a contemporary context for a mainstream comic book. She was also part of the first ever transgender wedding in Batgirl #45, when she marries her girlfriend, Jo. Barbara serves as the couple’s maid of honor.

This would be a huge step in the right direction for LGBTQ representation in superhero movies, with both the MCU and DCEU lagging behind on including queer characters in their films and television series.


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