The Princess of Power is staging another comeback, as Amazon Prime Video announces that a live-action She-Ra series in early development at the streaming service. Amazon is partnering with DreamWorks on the series, though it’s been stated that this will not be an adaptation of either previous animated incarnations of the character. Instead, it “will be a new, standalone story and will not be connected to the animated show.” That comment specifically has me thinking that they may be going for a Wonder Woman/Xena 2.0 feel, which could be…problematic.

Of course, it was just last year when the Netflix animated revival, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, came to a conclusion. It’s interesting to note that it’s Amazon who is moving forward with the project, instead of Netflix, where the two animated series –as well as the adventures of her male counterpart, He-Man– currently reside. This is even more of an indication that Amazon is looking to distance the character from her cartoon roots.

Again, this is in the early stages, so no cast or crew have been announced as of yet. Personally, I’d love to see a high-profile actress like Saoirse Roman, or a lower-profile actress with some depth like Olivia Holt, take on the role. Fingers crossed.


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