For far too long, the X-Men’s Jean Grey has really gotten the shot end of the stick when it comes to merchandising. Almost always passed over in favor of her Phoenix/Dark Phoenix persona when it comes to games, action figures, etc., Jean Grey has often been the forgotten member of the team. All of that is about to change with MAFEX’s upcoming Jean Grey action figure from Medicom, inspired by her 90s Jim Lee design. This marks the first true Jean Grey action figure that has been released on her own since 2013’s Marvel Legends and even then, it was a very basic figure with no accessories or power effects. Yes, there was the Marvel Legends Jean Grey that was included in the three-pack with Cyclops and Wolverine, but why should we have to pay for those two when really we just want her?

MAFEX’s upcoming Jean Grey action figure looks to right this wrong by debuting a deluxe rendition of the Omega level mutant that will include three different head sculpts: a standard expression, a combat-ready facial expression, and one without her headpiece. Multiple hand poses and energy effects will also be included, making this the most versatile Jean Grey action figure ever released.


The figure is expected to be available as of March 2022, with many online comic book shops already taking pre-orders. The 6″ tall action figure is currently priced at $104.99, which is a bit pricey, but also right in line with MAFEX’s other X-Men figures like Cyclops, Wolverine, and Psylocke. This is a higher price than the average Marvel Legends action figure, but is due to the high articulation done in order to properly bring to life a character’s appearance. Whether you think it’s worth the price or not, we’re glad that Jean is finally getting proper representation in the action figure world (we don’t speak of the green dress one).


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